Parent and Supporters Code of Conduct

The Balnarring Junior Football Club has developed the Code of Conduct for Parents and supporters to ensure that everyone associated with the Club understands his or her obligations.  It is a requirement that every parent reads and signs the Code of Conduct. This acknowledges that they understand and commit to comply with the Code.  Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action which may, in extreme circumstances, result in suspension from games and grounds or de-registration.

I, the undersigned, understand that as an important part of my membership to the Balnarring Junior Football Club that I must maintain a standard of behaviour and conduct that is in the best interests of the Club and the game of Australian Rules Football. I will endeavour to uphold the following to the best of my ability:

  1. Follow the Rules of the Club and the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League.
  2. Respect Club Officials, Coaches, all representatives of Sponsors, the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League and opposing Clubs.
  3. Encourage children to participate regardless of their ability.
  4. Encourage children to always play by the rules.
  5. Encourage and support players even after mistakes or game losses.
  6. Always applaud good play, regardless of team supported.
  7. Never disagree in public with the decisions made by umpires and encourage players to support the umpire’s decisions.
  8. Never use foul language or harass any players, coaches or officials.
  9. Emphasise the “fun” aspect of the game of football.
  10. Never force a child to participate in football against their will.
  11. Parents should conduct themselves appropriately when using social media and electronic communication and must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person(s) and must not bring the club into disrepute.
  12. Parents/Members are responsible for the behaviour of other family members and friends who are not officially members of the club.  They should ensure compliance of all above mentioned points.